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What Is Streaming Media?

Streaming Media refers to the continual delivery of multi-media content. It requires minimal or no additional storage inside the network components. This delivery method is perfect for audio and video delivery. The term “streaming” can mean both contents and the delivery process. Videos, for instance is streamed in real time to ensure that the viewer doesn’t have to wait to view it.

Streaming Media allows you to stop, speed forward and reverse the information being delivered. Unlike traditional media formats, Streaming Media does not consider the sequence of the information being delivered or received. Streaming Media was popularized during the 1990s, when technological advancements increased the speed of networks. This increased speed of network is critical to allow Streaming Media to function properly.

Streaming Media allows you to enjoy videos as soon as it arrives on the server. It is no longer necessary to wait for content to download. This could consume hours, even if material is small. ดูหนัง ‘s also easier than watching DVDs or other massive content. It is possible to stream media and listen to it in a flash.